Instant Acts will not take place in 2019

Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Circus Artists Wanted for the International Theatre and Music Project “INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism 2019”

Interkunst e.V., located in Berlin, is looking for young performing artists for their upcoming theatre und music tour “INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism”. The project takes place in Germany and Italy (South Tyrol). We are looking for performers – soloists or duos, age between 18 and 30, who are involved in theatre, dance, music, circus (no aerial acts), x-sport etc. We want to create an international ensemble of 15 talented and creative people who are open for new experiences. We want to reach out a young audience and explore different aspects of violence, racism and islamophobia. We believe art is a powerful educational tool.

Invited artists should prepare one or two short performances connected to the theme of the project (max 10 min each), based on their personal experiences and ideas concerning the subject matter violence, racism and islamophobia. During the first week we will work together in a rehearsal process to create our original piece. With the help of an experienced artistic director, all the ideas and elements will then be orchestrated to create a unique and compelling professional touring show (75 min). Once on tour the artists will lead theatre, dance. music, circus (etc.) workshops for teenagers 13 to 16. We will present our project in schools, theatres, cultural-centres and youth prisons. Travel, board, lodging and a salary are provided for each artist. We will inform everyone interested to participate how much salary will be.

The application should include following information:

  • personal data: name, date of birth, nationality, residence
  • pictures, videos, links
  • description of skills and artistic experiences
  • description of your capability to lead a workshop with young people
  • motivation to take part in this project

Please feel free to ask us about further details. Some impressions from previous tours you will find in internet, writing “Instant Acts” on youtube, fb, myspace and on our webpage

The international youth theatre project “INSTANT ACTS against Violence and Racism” gets public support from various municipalities, districts and ministries of the federal states of Germany. The project has already been carried out since 1993 more than 800 times in Germany and other countries in Europe.

INTERKUNST e.V. is a registered non-profit association based in Berlin. It was founded in 1990. Activities are concentrated on the realization of multi-cultural projects, innovative forms of encounter and interdisciplinary forms of theatre and art. The association is in particular representing their European approaches by creating integrative projects for artists from different disciplines and of different nationalities. A main focus of the theatre work lies in the area of cultural preventive measures, which is realized by creating educational cultural concepts and programs. Here, methods are developed in order to achieve a maximum involvement and activity of the audience.


Some impressions from previous tours of “INSTANT ACTS” can be found here:

MySpace Seite (Impressionen)