Instant Acts will not take place in 2019

Information for interested organizers (on-site):

About 20 participants (artists + workshop conductors, director, moderators, technicians, drivers), from European and non-European countries, perform a project day of estimated 6-7 hours.  They are travelling in a big bus, accompanied by a small bus for technical equipment, arriving about 45 minutes before the beginning of the  project day.

Encounter (opening, workshops, presentation), duration about 3 hours

Up to 150 young people, from the age of 14, can take part in the movement section. They should be waiting in the space prepared (assembly hall, sports hall).

The project day opening is a „five minute performance“, then the young participants divide themselves into different workshop groups, with the help of project moderators. For these groups, 8-9 rather big rooms are needed – very big ones for the dance workshops. After 1½ to 2 hours, all workshop groups come together again, share and show their results. This first presentation takes about 30 minutes.

Adults, like teachers, social workers etc., can take part as active participants, in the workshops. For the opening session and the presentation of  the workshop results, adults are welcome as spectators.

After this first part of the encounter, the artists need about one hour to prepare for the show, for soundcheck, make up etc.

The show „Instant Acts against Violence and Racism“, duration about 75 minutes

For the show, a big performance space like a theatre, sports hall or arts centre is needed. Also, a 32 A power line/access is required. Light and sound equipment, as well as a stage framework/trestle (for curtains, set design, light – without stage) will be brought long. Usually, the technical set up begins immediately after the arrival of the artists, right in the beginning of the project day.

For the performance, at the end of the project day, all workshop participants are invited as audience and at least, the same amount of additional spectators (young people from 14 and adults). Up to 700 spectators can be invited, depending on the size of the performance space.

The show is about 75 minutes.  It´s being prepared by international artists in their home countries and then put together in one week of mutual rehearsals, shortly before the tour starts. The show´s intention is to direct people´s attention to the theme of violence and racism, using the language of young people and with the means of theatre, music, dance and other elements of the youth culture.

PR and promotion

The organizors on-site get posters, flyers, material and photos for the press, as many as desired. They are asked to invite regional und national media (print media, radio, tv) to the project day.

Financing of project

The realisation of the project depends on additional financing taken care of by the organizors on-site and provided by suitable institutions. Help and information is accessable through Interkunst.

In addition, the organizers on-site are responsible for drinks (water, juice) and a warm meal, during the project day.