Until further notice, Instant Acts will not take place

Instant Acts against violence and racism

Short description:

Fifteen international artists perform integrative and innovative forms of encounter, during project days, taking part between September and November each year. Workshops, during the day, and a hot multi-facetted show to complete the day, offer a program full of variety to the audience. The progam includes acrobatics, dance and live music, all dealing with the theme of violence and racism. The ensemble consists of young actors, dancers and musicians, chosen worldwide, with the support of renowned institutions. The workshops are open to young people between 13 and 18. The project day is designed specifically for young people who don´t normally go to the theatre.

Aim of project:

Right from the start, the young participants have to make choices concerning the group they want to take part in (Ad hoc decision), and how they want to take part in the group (building trust), and they have to confront inhibitions to show the results (overcoming fear). The diversity of cultural, ethnical and religious traditions and convictions is being experienced in a positive way, through the collaboration with the artists and as spectators of the show. The rehearsals in the workshop groups and many scenes of the show´s progam are designed to lead to active audience participation, challenging to take position without fear. Scenes, songs, Rap etc. include direct statements of young people, on the subject of violence and racism. They perform these songs, despite anxiety of public exposure. The lively und diverse forms of expression of the performance acts are drawing from the language of the youth culture. The young age of the artists allows a natural connection with the participants. Their rather breath taking skills make them an inspiring model.

Target group:

The „Instant Acts“-project is designed for young people, from thirteen years up. Workshops, conducted by international artists, give the young participants a chance for immediate encounter with foreigners, through artistic confrontation. Art is means for communication, without the same language spoken. The participants get to know foreign cultures and may let go of prejudices. They experience respect and acceptance towards people with a foreign background and from ethnic minorities. Also, the young people learn that it´s possible to resist violence und submission and be protected from it. Existing structures and learnt patterns can be questioned. Frustration can be reduced in a playful way. In addition, the project supports making decisions, discipline, motivation and overcoming fears. The key is the approach of integral experience and learning. Not through theoretical confrontation, but through active participation, the young people have the privilege of first hand experience. Young people, in the beginning still full of resistence, already perform with enthusiasm, by late morning, and watch the results with eager concentration.

Realisation of project:

After the short perfomance of the fifteen artists and workshop conductors, the young participants make a choice of one workshop that meets their interest. Whether Capoeira, Rap, agit prop theatre or percussion – there´s a variety of workshops being offered. Each work group connects its main theme with a particular form of expression. For example, a rap on racism is being developped, or agit prop theatre on the subject of violence. The artistic results are being presented to all the participients of the project. The workshops are conceived in a way, that each young person is enabled to perform a short successful act, in very short time. In the last part of the project, the international artists present a show, full of action and real class. They offer a vivid collage of scenes on the subject of violence and racism, that reflects their own experiences in their home countries. The diverse artistic forms of expression blend into one artistic performance.