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I would never have thought that I could have so much fun, but I thank you, because afterwards, I was really thinking about it all. Foreigners aren´t as“ bad“ as I thought.-  schoolgirl, 16
Finally, we got together with people, we don´t think we get along with, and we found ways to deal with each other better. … What really struck me was, that something like this is happening because we are „all one“, and I think that´s a lot clearer now. Keep going. –  schoolgirl, 14
I´m amazed that it´s possible to learn so much, in such a short time. –  schoolgirl, 15
Would not have thought that this project could has such great effect on so many schoolkids. Many kids stopped running around talking about the last NPD(Nazi)-march. Their attitude changed in a positive way. –   schoolgirl, 18
That was the best I´ve ever done.  –  schoolboy, 13
I think the artists really worked hard and did very well. It was ok, not understanding their language. They gave their best and managed to teach us in the short time. –  schoolgirl, 16
It was a hard, but fucking great day. I admire these people. schoolboy, 15
„School performed in a different way, not frontally and verbally, but mutually – I´m enthusiastic about how motivated and serious the schoolkids were. I get goose-flesh when I hear them laugh, sing or play the drums.” – social worker in school


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„Filmimpressionen zu Instant Acts 2006“